Help Pages

How to Start

Register with TerraChronica

     The first step to building a TerraChronica world is to make a free account.  All you need is a, e-mail address, username and password.

Make a World

     The next step is to make your first world.  Select a structured world or a free world.  We recommend starting with a structured world, but if your world doesn't fit the classic Middle Earth-like mold of a fantasy world, a free world will work better for you.  If you already know enough about your world, add a summary and setting.  If you don't know yet, you can always add them later.

Add Records

     From your world's home page, start adding records.  If you have a structured world, you can pick a category of record, like continent, beast or nation.  If you have a free world, the just add records, which are flexible and free.

Add Artwork

     From your world's home page or any record's home page, you can add artwork to that world or record.  Just upload an image you made and give it a quick summary.  If a world or record has multiple images, you can pick which one you want to be the cover by editing the world or record.