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Arcane Realm takes place on an planet called Kaf and its moon Qarin.

A fantasy world filled with technology that works with nature, rural landscapes and untamed wilderness, tree top cities, and a few layered sustainable megacities. The remaining inhabitants are based on mythological creatures and split into major groups like the Spirits, Henge (pronounced Hen-gay), Faye, and native species of humans as the Homins, Amazoness, and Manikins.


Adventures in the Arcane Realm typically take the form of helping others in small towns with their daily troubles, to traveling the world to see new cultures or uncovering lost treasures and technology from bygone civilizations.



The Arcane Realm is a high fantasy world where high tech gadgets and weaponry, magic, alien creatures and invasions, exaggerated martial arts using esoteric energy all co-exist side by side.


Spirits known as djinn left the Earth due to their disillusion with humanity and with the blessing of the angels and their instructions to build a new home. Arriving on a planet across the galaxy, they begin the long process of making the new planet habitable. Due to their impatience however, they speed through the steps, causing unintended side effects like time portals letting in prehistoric creatures to the planet or leading to the creation of new intelligent creatures like nature spirits, faye, magifauna, etc.


After a few ages of civilization building, trade, and conquest, the Kaf inhabitants find their world invaded by a long split off faction of the djinn known as the Shaytan with goals of taking the planets resources. With the large scale war against the space invaders, Kaf militaries and societies greatly modernize but at the cost of the natural resources they ironically fought to defend. In the end of the wars, it was a depletion of fuels and runaway climate change that led to the destruction of the remaining invaders, the civilizations and empires, and even a good portion of native fauna and races.


Previous empires fall to ruin and the remaining races fumble about isolated for generations until the wilderness heals over the ecological damage and ruins of the previous world's former glory. Slowly the survivor and newly adapted races find a common understanding and    together, they scavenge, survive, and thrive amongst the rubble of their ancestors.


By the modern world of Kaf, worldwide society focuses on craftsmanship, community, and technology powered by renewable energy. Majority of world is still rural or wilderness with smaller urban centers scattered around. Exception being the two type of megacities: the first being arcologies, self-sufficient and massive layered metropolis meant to contain high population densities while reducing the impact of people on the environment. The other are arboreal cities within populated forests, where people live either in various styles of treehouses or trees magically altered/breed to be open enough to live inside of.


Regardless of where a society is on the rural to urban scale, technologies such as solar and wind and wave energy, 3D printing, vertical farming, micro-manufacturing, free software, open-source hardware, and handheld electronics exist to varying degrees.  



There is also a world on the moon, Qarin, that was thought to be a lost civilization. While it has a similar theme of aiming for sustainability and egalitarianism, the technology is far ahead in many areas particular space travel and nanotechnology. The cultures have a vibrant Art Nouveau aesthetic as well.





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