The arcane realm is world where many professions fall into the category known as classes. These are similar to the classes that you might find in role-playing games whether they are the traditional table-top or video game format. In-story they came about about as specific roles that characters would take to complete objectives like exploring ruins, forming teams, defeating enemies, or even providing community service. Depending on the era some where more common than others or just got their start while others where being improved in certain areas to become their own new class.


Now while the Arcane Realm is not a game world, it is definitely influenced by them and so the idea of classes felt like like a natural addition to the series (and I wouldn't be opposed to making it its own game someday). Note that with a lot of my supplemental material posts, some of the content is likely to be updated for clarity.


Jobs, or Classes, determines a character's usable abilities, stats, and equipment in the Arcane Realm.


Every job comes with a list of weapons that can be equipped, skills that are enabled for use, and abilities for passive benefits.