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Amerind Region,
Deshi Region,
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'Kaf' is the planet where Arcane Realm takes place. It's natural satellite is its moon, Qarin.

It is an exoplanet that bears some striking similarities with the real world on Earth, certainly deriving inspiration from it, but many factors set it apart as a different place from our own world. For example, its moon is just over half the size of Kaf, making it seem larger in the night sky than Earth’s moon.






The beginning of Kaf entails the Djinn who arrived in the planet terraforming it using Earth life the souls of deceased animals. Adjustments from the original plans lead to the propagation of other lifeforms including spirits like Deities, Magifauna, Magiflora, and Faye. With the later introduction of various human species via random portals, the various species live in a world similar to a standard fantasy setting.


Ghulat Wars


A rival faction of jinn known as Shaytan invade the planet to subjugate its people and acquire their resources. The native Kaf races retaliate by joining forces, rapidly increasing in technology, and creating a base on the moon for off world R&D. The following millennia would be an arms race against the native population versus the invaders and demons swapped from corrupted spirits. Eventually the native population is able to exterminate the invaders but at the heavy cost of environmental degradation and famine due to their global war causing mineral resource and fossil fuel exhaustion and runaway climate change. Ultimately, civilizations all over the world collapse, many species including sapient ones go into extinction or are forced to be survivalists, and many deities decide to leave the world.




Nature begins to reclaim the ruins of civilization world with most of the surviving or new peoples continue their subsistence lifestyles through foraging or live in small scattered settlements. As more natural environments rebound and recover from the global war, the remaining peoples travel the world and ruins to find remains of previous technology and history. As most of the world's fossil fuels are depleted, these technological artifacts are remade to use renewable resources or inspire new technology. Slowly urban centers focused on renewable energy and working with the natural environment instead of exploiting it begin to take form as acropolises and tree top cities.




Geography and Nature


Kaf looks and acts like Earth in terms of geography. Each have landforms, oceans of water and temperatures to support life - meaning that the Pokémon world is about the same size and same distances from its sun as the Earth and having a similar moon, similar climates, and so on, which explains the similar tides. Many different theories exist as to exactly how the Pokémon world relates to our own.

Many times in the past and modern day, people and nature in both are linked to each other, as many towns are built around the natural environment. A point of interest, unlike the real world, is that people's links with the nature are strong and they  almost never try to affect the natural environment, with the exception of some  corporations.



Most regions have different climates, those further south in the world have a warmer climate than northerly regions, due to an equator, much like on Earth. Some beings such as Elementals, deities, or powerful magical rituals can affect climate and weather causing unexplainable droughts, storms and earthquakes that can affect the continental plates.Weather conditions still apply in Kaf, and as clouds and rain exist, so must the water cycle. Many weather conditions that appear on Earth are also in Kaf, such as rain, hailstorms, snow, fog, and sandstorms. Given that plants and trees seem to grow in a normal manner, it can be reasonably assumed that the other major cycles, such as the carbon cycle and the nitrogen cycle, exist as well.


The natural environment in Kaf is much similar to the real Earth's environment. Areas with a high density of trees make up forests, landscapes that receive very little precipitation create deserts, while loose broken-up particles of rock make large coastal beaches attracting people and fauna alike.The Pokémon world is mainly green and lush, based on factors such as plant structures including trees, shrubs, and grasses. Grass is usually uncontrolled and makes tall grass patches that form prime habitats.

There are also large mountainous areas that tower above low-lying land areas. The largest mountain range is Mt. Sumeru, which stretches from the top to the bottom of , splitting the whole region in two. Man-made and natural occurrences form caves in the mountainsides that are able to be explored or passed through to get to other settlements. Many natural phenomena appear in the world of Kaf such as snowing ash that covers the area is caused by the nearby volcano that smokes and rains down on the area.People and nature in the Kaf are linked to each other, and since the as many towns are built around its environment and they almost never try to affect the natural environment. Bodhi Village, for example, is simply a territory within a tropical jungle, while Thera is built in the crater of a hollowed, extinct volcano. An ecosystem is formed when all plants, animals, magical beasts, magical flora and sapient races of people in an area function together with all of the non-living physical factors of the environment.


The world of Kaf is split into several continents, each with their own specific regions. Though there are many similarities between them, there are some major differences between the regions, such as what Magical beasts and flora are located there and what legends there are waiting to be uncovered. Visitors from another region quickly realize that the region they are visiting is far from their home, both in the way of the climate, and in the culture of the people there.







Umah Region

Deshi Region


Sinic Region

Zomia Tropics


Amerind Region

  • Inuktitut
  • Saguenay
  • Laurent
  • Norumbega
  • Fermont
  • Catan

Guiana Region

  • Garifuna Isles
  • Aztlàn
  • Paititi
  • Quivira
  • Tawansuyu



  • Keme
  • Numidia


  • Ntotila
  • Biladbar
  • Kurufaba
  • Mutapa



  • Hawaiki
  • Meropis
  • Lemuria
  • Pathi



  • Mirovia
  • Pantha
  • Lassa
  • Nereid



Physics and technology


The state of technology in the modernity conceivably places the time frame we see in either the present day, or perhaps in the future, but this is merely speculative. Science and technology in the Kaf is more advanced than the real world yet people's lives are simple and very natural. Most technology is powered by either by electricity or magic in the form of magoi, which is the primary source of energy in Kaf. Communication and data transmission over vast distances are also possible through the use of the Transglobal. The TG was created by the kingdom of Atlas following the Great War as a gift to enable the kingdoms to communicate with each other effectively. Video calls and digital file transfers are some of the capabilities of the TG, and equivalent technology is available in many places, such as public libraries. 

Despite the amount of advanced technology available, comparatively few modes of transportation are seen. This may be because a large part of the world is rural and thus many usually travel on foot for a variety of practical reasons. However, there is a possibility that some transportation such as cars and trucks are harmful to the natural environment. The most common transportation used to get to other regions or islands is by sailing by boat or ship, as it is a quick and easy way to get to other lands, while most regions have their own ferry. People can also use megafauna for transportation by flying or swimming.

While megafauna and magical beasts are generally tolerant of settlements being constructed, most will often react with hostility to any attempts to truly cause harm to the natural environment. In return, these creatures are often seen providing several services that in the real world are performed by technology: Aquatic beasts are often used to fight fires, Lightning dragons used as a clean source of electrical power, and so on.





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