DNA is a genetic substance located in the cells of plants, animals, and microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi. The presence or absence of certain DNA segments could influence the appearance and physical health of an individual, and may even cause some natural mutations to occur in individuals or in populations. Manipulation of DNA was used as the basis in many different types of procedures, most notably cloning, gene therapy, and in the development of bioweapons.




In animals, DNA is a genetic substance in the body containing units called genes, which contained the genetic information of an individual. Except for unaltered clones and identical twins, DNA was unique to each individual. Depending on what genetic material was inherited from the parents, the presence or absence of some genetic material could influence the appearance of an individual, with certain segments influencing hair color, eye color, height, body type, mana capacity, innate magic, and the aging process, among other things.



The structure of DNA can differ from species to species. In humans, it appeared as a double helix pattern when viewed.


Applications of DNA


There are many uses of DNA; listed are some of the most common.




Cloning was the process in which one or more copies of an individual were created from the genetic material of the donor. Clones came in two types: modified and unmodified. Whether modified or unmodified, there was a chance that clones could suffer from genetic defects due to random mutations, even if the genetic structure was untouched.


Modified clones were clones that have had their genetic material manipulated during the cloning process. Some traits that may have been modified include temperament, intelligence, the acceleration of the aging process, and the ability to augment the clone's mana capacity. However, sometimes the manipulation of genetic material may cause the clones to become prone to illness.




Unmodified clones were direct genetic copies of their donors. Depending on the method used and the approach taken, clones could be created within as little as twenty days or over a period of several years.


Gene Therapy


Gene therapy is the use of using modified DNA to treat or cure an inherited illness or disorder. This is done by modifying the genetic material of an individual to correct a mutation causing the illness, or to shut off or accelerate the development of a particular gene.




In some cases, the DNA of an individual or a species may be reverse engineered and combined into a virus to target that specific group but leave other groups alone.



Random mutations


Some random mutations occur when some of the genetic material being passed on by the parents is corrupted in some form. Mutations seen via cloning, where the genetic material is otherwise intact and unmodified but the clone turned out deformed or the clone gained a new ability the original template did not possess, are also otherwise inexplicable.


Other uses of DNA


There were readers that could scan DNA to identify persons.



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