A hybrid is an individual with parentage from more than one sentient species.




For example, The Homin species are able to interbreed with the other natural humanoids like Humans, Amazons, and Lunarians. They could also breed viable and often fertile offspring with faye like fairy, or merfolk.


On the other hand, Homins were unable to interbreed viable or fertile offspring with the Anthroid species.


Dependent reproduction


There are some species that can or have to reproduce with another species to maintain their population. Many of these are of a single biological sex and thus require a member of another species with a different sex. In these cases, the offspring are not called hybrids since they more or less take after one species genotype except in rare cases.


Require another species:






Can reproduce with other species or within their own:





Henge Hanyou


Their are certain magical beasts that due to their innate ability to take on a humanoid form (Henge) and thus mate/produce offspring. The offspring will be the humanoid species, as if both of their parents were humanoids. However the offspring will usually have innate abilities traits of their magical beast parent.








Spirit/Corporeal Hybrids


Spirits are inherently incorporeal creatures that under certain circumstances take on a corporeal form. These forms can potentially mate with a naturally corporeal being to make offspring. Unlike spirits, these offspring will have a definite corporeal form with all the requirements needed to keep the creature healthy. As they possess physical bodies with evident biology, they have a similar dependence on internal organ structure. Massive trauma, vivisection, or beheading these can all lead to a necessary healing coma or even its destruction. 


The offspring will be able to produce etheric substances like ectoplasm so their form can become incorporeal like a spirit. They can also acquire energy from aether and PKE but their body would require material food to synthesize compounds and rebuild itself.


Compatible Combinations


(The other partner will produce a member of first parent's species)


Homin: Human, Amazon, Fairy, Merfolk, Djinn, Dryad, Diety, Henge, Elf, Devil, Elemental


Lunarian/Human: Homin, Elf, Diety, Henge, Devil, Amazoness, Djinn


Amazoness: Homin, Human, Elf, Fairy, Merfolk, Henge, Giant, Devil, Djinn, Elemental


Fairy: Homin, Human, Elf, Amazon, Merfolk, Lamia, Harpy, Djinn, Dryad, Diety, Elemental


Merfolk: Homin, Fairy, Djinn, Dryad, Elemental*


Giant: Amazon, Djinn, Diety, Elemental, Fairy*, Homin*,


Lamia: Homin, Human, Merfolk, Elf, Djinn, Diety, Devil


Harpy: (Male) Homin, Human, Merfolk, Elf, Djinn, Diety, Incubus


AGI: None


Djinn: Elementals, Yukionna, Fairy, Merfolk, Lamia, Harpy, Giant, Homin, Human, Amazon, Dryad, Henge, Devil, Diety


Diety: Djinn, Elementals, Yukionna, Fairy, Merfolk, Lamia, Harpy, Giant, Homin, Human, Amazon, Dryad, Henge, Devil


Elemental: Fairy, Dryad, Amazon, Homin


Yukionna: Homin, Human, Amazon(male), Henge(male), Oni, Devil, Elemental




Henge: Homin, Amazon, Lunarian, Human


Jorogumo: (male) Human, Homin, Lunarian, Elf, Merfolk, Incubi




Yuki Onna



Can reproduce offspring:



Many species ostracized members who bore hybrid children.



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