Magiflora are life forms that closely resemble plants in form but differ in that their bodies are capable of multiple forms of sorcery and spellcraft. 


Magiflora share the following traits


Organic Autotrophs: All magifauna are carbon based life forms composed of organic compounds that produce their own food from molecules and energy in their environment. 


Photosynthesis: The chloroplast is the organelle in plant cells responsible for the process. Inside the chloroplast is chlorophyll, a pigment that gives plants their green color. In fact, chlorophyll reflects light from the green part of the visible light spectrum so light from the blue and red parts are absorbed and are more effective in photosynthesis. 


Chlorophyll is responsible for capturing the sun's energy. When the cell also has sufficient water and carbon dioxide as reactants, it has the building blocks of glucose. While the cell catches energy in the chemical bonds of glucose, oxygen is created as a by-product. Both oxygen and glucose are used in cellular respiration to unlock the energy held within.



Preternatural Creatures: Magiflora have internal chemical process that run on/produce magical energy, including the biosynthesis of mana generating versions of mundane biological molecules known as biomagical compoundsThis internal magic production allows for them to have traits and abilities that seem to bend observed physical laws and different species have those shared with others or are unique to their kind. Some are intentionally used, most others are passively ingrained into the species.



Ordered Spellcraft: The biomagical compounds within magiflora allow them to give their intent to mana and order it to perform various phenomena in the form of spells, if they are intelligent.



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