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The Redwoods world is one that is inhabited by anthropomorphic creatures: mice, squirrels, rabbits, birds, and other creatures one would find in your typical temperate deciduous forest. The world, encompassing the woods and the surrounding area, has a long history that is presented to the reader through the many short and not-so-short stories I'll be writing that takes place here, with the main story line revolving around a mystery that has always been plaguing the woods' inhabitants: the Helm.


You can find any actual stories following the current plotline in the "logs" section, while events will be covering anything in the past history. Everything is a WIP at the moment, but there is definitely a lot of content to go through, if I do say so myself.


Hey! You've read this far of the front page - thank you. If you're a little lost, or don't know where to start looking through this wiki, I recommend:

You can go through the events section first, and go through the chronological history of the woods. You can then explore some of the places and people that are mentioned there, so on and so forth. This is probably the best way to go, especially for those not familiar to my world.

Hey! I've unofficially renamed the place-holder name I had this world to "Guadara", for in-world reasons ;). Anywho, the page'll be undergoing some art-reworking (thankfully!), along with more story-based updates. So check out the logs soon! (7/22)


Fictional medieval fantasy. It's set in the Redwoods, the Red Mountains, and the Red River



  • Hobbit
    almost 7 years ago

    Hey, whoever has read so far! I'm actually writing short stories at the moment that take place in this world (it's the reason why I took up to making this world up), and will continue outputting stories, short and long. I'll definitely post them here in a bit

    • Akahige
      almost 7 years ago

      That's great to hear! I hope to soon have a nice and easy way to post any literature from stories soon. I'm looking forward to them!

      • HalflingTea
        almost 7 years ago

        The "logs" section is definitely helpful too, actually. Thanks for putting that in there!

        • Akahige
          almost 7 years ago

          Thanks, I was wondering how people would use that. I think it fits well for stories. I just read your first log and it was great by the way.


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