Skywatching is an old magic, one known by the many creatures in the Redwoods, but practiced by few.

It involves the mind of a creature going beyond its physical cage and intermingling with nature and becoming apart of it - and influencing it directly.

This is where many creatures go wrong with understanding the magic. Many view it somewhat correct, in the sense that skywatching is meant to heighten and strengthen a creature's bond with nature. Where many go wrong is assuming that the creature actually takes information from nature, bringing about a "prediction" -- or "reading" it.

The creatures who can perform skywatching actually help shape the weather instead of predicting it. By transcending beyond their (little or big) bodies, their minds mingles with the energy and spirit of nature, becoming a very influential/powerful combo that can actually alter weather. Normally, whatever results they come out with are usually explained as nature's choice (for a lack of a better word) of weather. Sometimes creatures have the willpower to still retain their consciousness, and will the weather they originally thought was to occur (thought up/planned for prior to actually skywatching) resulting in a sort of placebo effect (i.e. a mouse believes it was going to be stormy later that day/week, and so that thought manifests itself into reality), or even willingly changing it to whatever they choose.

Often times, however, and more so than not, skywatchers "predictions"/wills can vary randomly. Many simply aren't conscious enough during the task to will anything to manifest, and so answers are taken from their subconscious mind instead.

Due to the possibility of the placebo effect happening, many "false positives" pop up, in the sense that there has been skywatchers who believe that they are very talented in skywatching and think themselves cream of the crop, when it simply isn't true. The rarer skywatcher who can willingly change the weather is the one who would be cream of the crop, however very few if any have ever realized that, due to how the creatures of the woods see this magic.


 Notable Skywatchers

There have been a good number of noted skywatchers that have been known throughout the Redwoods. Although most of them are from after the establishment of the settlements, there are a few that have been known by some prior to that. None have been known to exist (for long, anyway) during the age of giants. None know the truth behind the magic of skywatching.Some notable skywatchers:



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