The Council


Zarago is a predominantly a mice-settlement nearby the Red River. Zarago itself is renown for its massive underground library, situated underneath several large maple trees. It is a scholarly settlement, and although the settlement itself is mainly composed of mice, every curious and knowledgeable creature has stopped by Zarago or visited, even if just to browse through its library. The settlement itself is not quite that large, however, but it is decently populated. Zarago is home to the Creatures of the Tome, a scholarly group dedicated to preserving and growing the Zarago library; the group has even established a school of thought in the settlement.


 The Council

The Council, the ruling body of Zarago, is a well-known group of scholarly creatures, many of them previously from the Creatures of the Tome. The Council works together in order to organize, lead and decide matters and problems that Zarago faces. Advisors of both Vacce and Leomas have been known to be sent to Zarago to be tutored by creatures of the Council, or previously of.



Zarago is known as the home to all scholar creatures in the woods. Many great discoveries have been made there in all the scientific pursuits: chemistry, herb lore and agriculture, physics, engineering. From providing creatures to help engineer the canal at Licano, to having its science mice come up with innovative ways to keep predators at bay, Zarago produces amazing inventions in use at large for the woods.  


The Grand Library of Zarago

The largest library in the woods is located inside the underground caverns of Zarago. Now spanning close to a collection of a few hundred books, texts and scripts, it is a carefully maintained library, headed by the Creatures of the Tome. Any creature who spends most of their time in the library ends up joining the scholar group in due time.



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