The Awarsava (Vaasa: /ä.wär.sä.vä/), singular Awarva, are a race of beings of light and energy. They appear vaguely humanoid, though made of pure light, usually of a white or gold-ish tint. Some parts can be distorted, with clear shapes and spirals appearing, parts of their true form poking through. If one is to observe an Awarva under close magnification, one sees fractals of golden spirals forming the being. Each one has a colour all to itself. As their names are nigh-incomprehensible to beings not themselves, they shall be referred to by their colour.

The Awarsava are not from Sarav proper. Rather, they originate from another "plane", and are rarely seen in Theressia. Most people don't know of their existence, though they pervade many mythologies as a sort of "angel". 


The Awarsava were once led by six, each of which corresponded to a primary or secondary colour. Thus, the six leaders of the Awarsava were Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Cyan, and Magenta. Their plane, which they refer to as 1 or 0, depending on the translation, was the most ordered plane, being the first one created.

At some point, assumed to be several millennia ago, Red left their plane. The Awarsava do not know why. It simply disappeared. In an attempt to retain order, the remaining government of 5 was reduced to a government of 2, led by Green and Blue. Red is now known as "The One Who is Not", a stark contrast to the Awarsava, meaning "Those Who Are".


The Awarsava are currently led by two, Green and Blue.



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