Layer 7a, more commonly referred to as the 'Mass Graves of Marea,' is a distinctly white layer of limestone in south-central Marea. Though its source of calcium carbonate has yet to be pinpointed accurately, many scholars believe that the bones were of marine origin.

Geologists say that the layer is a mere ten thousand years old.


Mass Grave Theory: 

This popular theory asserts that, at one point before the emergence of Ancient Tragaean cultures, a large, advanced human civilization in Marea quickly died out. Though no known mechanism has been reliably cited to kill the required amount of humans to account for the massive amounts of calcium deposits in central Marea, proponents have suggested:

- Meteors

- Flooding

- Aliens

According to some geologists, the number of deceased would have to surpass at least two hundred million so to account for all of the calcium in the region.



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